Bodybuilding Workouts – The 2 Worst Times to Train (When Shoud You Train?)

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In this short video I will reveal the two times of day when you should NEVER train. Ignoring this knowledge may be throwing your efforts down the drain, and biding “farewell” to the muscular body you dream of.
As I’ve said in previous videos, weight training uses up a big amount of our body’s energy supplies (glycogen stored in the muscles and the liver). If your energy supplies are low at the moment you begin training, they will eventually wear out; sending the body will in the search for a different source of energy. Most of it will come from the muscles, making them smaller.
Unfortunately, in this cases the body uses very little of the fat stored as energy because, as the glycogen supply wears out, the levels of cortisol rise. Remember that cortisol prevents fat burn and stimulates muscle loss.
Keeping these facts in mind, we can conclude that the worst times of day to exercise are:
• #1: “Training on an empty stomach or 3-4 hours after the last meal.”
To determine the second worst time of day to workout, you must consider the following:
After exercising, we must provide our bodies with enough protein to repair the muscles and make them grow as much as possible. On the other hand, a sufficient amount of glucose helps restore the energy supplies sooner, preventing muscle loss while at it.
We can therefore conclude that:
• #2: “Training just before going to sleep.”
When you train just before bedtime, your body ends the day in a critical state, which leads to a GREAT AMOUNT OF PRECIOUS MUSCLE LOSS overnight.
To prevent this, we must have at least 2 meals after exercising, and only then go to bed. That is:

1)Protein shake plus a high glycemic carbohydrate 2) Meal with abundant complex carbohydrates,
healthy fat and protein Sleep

By following this plan, you can not only minimize muscle loss during the night, but boost muscle growth as well.
Example of 2nd post-workout meal:
• 7 oz grilled chicken breast.
• 3 oz white/brown rice + 1 tbs olive oil.
• Fruit of choice.
Apart from these two times of day when you SHOULD AVOID TRAINING BY ALL MEANS, whenever is most suitable to your lifestyle is a good time to work out, be it in the morning or close to sunset.
I hope this video has been helpful.
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