Bodybuilding Workouts For Gains: 4 Advanced Training Techniques To Unleash the Beast

See how to get crazy muscle gains:

In this video Fitness model Troy Adashun comes to you from Hollywood Hills, California to discuss 4 Advanced training techniques to unleash the beast!

If you are sick and tired of doing the same boring weight lifting routine and you are ready to get shredded for beach season you need to watch this video.

Ever wonder what type of bodybuilding workouts the best fitness models, athletes and physique competitors perform? This video unveils four of the best advanced training techniques to help you build lean muscle mass in the shortest time possible.

Your body will only grow lean muscle mass efficiently if you are performing advanced training techniques and forcing new stimulus on your muscles. The best bodybuilding workouts should challenge your body and create more healthy micro tears than your typical weight lifting routine.

4 Advanced Training Techniques for Maximum Gains:

0:59 – German Volume Training

German Volume training consists of doing anywhere between 8-10 sets of a certain compound exercise with shorter rest times. The goal is to shock your muscles and enter an anabolic threshold.

To properly set up your German Volume training routine you should pick a weight that is about 60-65 percent of your 1 rep max on a given compound exercise and perform 8-10 sets per set.

Keep your rest times between 60 and 75 seconds between sets and perform 8-10 sets. This works best on compound exercises such as the bench press, squat and dead lift.

1:58 – Opposing Muscle Group Supersets

Opposing muscle group super sets are a great advanced training technique for maximum gains. The concept is very simple. You are performing back to back exercises with opposing muscle groups.

Some classic examples are the chest and back superset. You could do this advanced superset by performing the bench press and then the wide grip pull up.

Another variation is the bicep and tricep superset. This is one of the best bodybuilding workouts for bigger arms. You get way more bang for your buck by performing opposing muscle group supersets vs working out the same muscle group for the entire workout.

3:05 – Drop Sets

Drop sets involve doing 4-5 sets in a row while dropping the weight each set with very little rest in between.

This is an advanced bodybuilding workout that you certainly need a spotter for. Drop sets allow you to work out a muscle group to maximum failure and exhaustion.

4:26 – Rest:Pause Sets

Rest:Pause sets are another advanced bodybuilding routine that will stimulate your body into growing lean muscle mass quickly. You will perform a set of 8-10 repetitions until failure. Next you will rest for 20 seconds and then lift the exact same weight you just lifted until failure for another 2-4 repetitions. Since you are only resting 20 seconds after maximum exhaustion sets your body will be forced to work past its comfort zone creating more healthy micro tears.







Source: Bodybuilding Workouts For Gains: 4 Advanced Training Techniques To Unleash the Beast

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