Bodybuilding Workout – 3 Bodybuilding Workout Tips You Must Know

Do you feel like all the blood, sweat and tears at the gym has been for nothing? Are you fed up with all the flashy new supplements that don’t produce what they promise? Do you just want some help so that you can get the body you so desperately desire?

The 3 following workout tips have been created for you in mind. Follow them and you will start building muscle quickly, safely and effectively. (Even if you are a skinny hardgainer!).

Ok, so let’s get started.

1. The first bodybuilding workout tip is to include Squats and Dead lifts in your workout routine. Squats and dead lifts are the two “bad boy” or “animal” exercises which are a favourite of muscle building experts worldwide. Because of the amount of intensity and strain which they put on the body they create hormone spikes which mean you will gain muscle mass faster all over the body. Furthermore these exercises work a large portion of your body, including your chest, shoulders, back, gluts and core muscles all at once. These 2 exercises must be included in your bodybuilding work out, especially if you’re skinny or a hardgainer.

2. Reduce your workout time and lift the intensity. Perform more work in less time and not only will you save time which you could spend doing something else but you will also increase your workout capacity which results in big muscle gains. Have smaller rest periods (but make sure they are consistent) and hustle from one exercise to the next. You will start to improve your fitness and get a lot more out of your bodybuilding work out as a result.

3. Cardio. There is a popular myth out there that cardio makes it harder to build muscle, and one which I admit I used to believe. However the truth is that cardio actually helps you build muscle! By speeding up your recovery time and keeping your heart in lungs in good order, it gets your body in maximum muscle building mode. Surprising but true!

OK, so now that you have completed my 3 bodybuilding workout tips you are ready to start building some muscle. The tips may seem quite simple, but if you correctly apply all 3, then you are in a much better position to gain muscle than those who don’t.

Bodybuilding Workout – 3 Bodybuilding Workout Tips You Must Know by Rory Wilkinson

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