Bodybuilding Supplements That Work IF… (SUPPLEMENT LIE!)

Get what you’re actually paying for in your supplements

If you ever asked the question of whether bodybuilding supplements actually work to help you build more muscle then you need to watch this video. The answer must start with whether or not the supplements that you’re taking are even including the ingredients that they say they are! Sad but true.

In the unregulated supplement industry, manufacturers can tell you what they put into your bottle of supplements but never have to verify whether that is true. The best bodybuilding supplements will start by actually putting in the ingredients!

For instance, in this supplement video I show you how you can tell if you are getting the branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) that you are paying for. BCAAs are chemically hydrophobic, which means that they do not mix well with water. If your protein supplements that you use for body building are mixing clear, then you should start to question what you’re actually getting.

It’s time to start doing your own supplement reviews and holding these supplement manufacturers more accountable for what they are putting in these bottles. Once you are sure you are getting what you are paying for, then and only then can you even ask the question of are supplements necessary or do supplements work.

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Source: Bodybuilding Supplements That Work IF… (SUPPLEMENT LIE!)

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