Whey Protein Dropship – Bulk Up Your Online Profits

If you currently sell online and looking to diversify your revenue stream (or thinking about doing so), you can benefit from whey protein dropshipping. It is a process in e-commerce by which online sellers can earn money online through the sales of Protein without having the actual components on hand.

The process consists of 3 separate parties:

  1. The Wholesaler (aka Dropshipper): Ships tubs directly to the customer
  2. The Direct Seller: Posts tubs of protein for sale online at their determined selling price
  3. The Customer: Sends payment directly to seller

When a customer makes a purchase, the seller will contact the wholesaler and order the tub of protein thereafter. Most wholesalers will ship the product as white label, so it looks like it came direct from the seller. In whey protein dropship, the seller is not the one keeping inventory of the items. Once the customer’s payment is made, the seller funnels payment to the wholesaler for the amount of protein sold. The difference between the seller’s price for the tub and the wholesaler’s price is the actual earnings.

In general, protein dropship offers a good opportunity to earn money by selling online. You do not need to store the items you are selling, there is no need for an inventory and you can start with zero. A credible supplier or distributor is critical in making your online business work. There are other methods from making money through protein sales aside from dropshipping; such as promoting the item as an affiliate marketer or buying at bulk wholesale and selling direct for bigger profits.

Pure whey protein supplements are excellent health items to sell online. Discover more on how you can start your protein e-business by knowing more about whey protein dropshippers. One way of acquiring expertise on this field is through my website. You can browse through it and stay posted!

Whey Protein Dropship – Bulk Up Your Online Profits by Brian Schwartz

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