What to Take during a Workout | Bodybuilding Diet

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During a workout you pretty much want to ingest pretty close to the same things that you’re going to ingest prior to a workout, and you want that to be in liquid form. And what I would suggest is giving yourself a good, quick, high glycemic, fast acting carbohydrate powder, and, as well, a protein powder that’s fast acting. And maybe even also some added in branch chain amino acids. The branch chain amino acids are going to help to keep the muscle cell anabolic and help to prevent the muscle cell from being damaged as you continue to work through the workout and cause the overall factor and stress factors that are going to damage those muscle cells.

It’s also good, depending upon the kind of powders that you buy, you may want to keep all of your drinks sugar free. So using a, you know, sugar free fruit punch, sugar free iced tea, or something like that may work well for you. But, for others who maybe aren’t on a specific diet you might want to use just a straight grape juice or something like that. But I would say water it down. And but this, during workout drink is really almost supposed to be administered almost like it was a drip factor. You know you take small, little consistent sips throughout the workout, never too much to cause all of the blood to rush to your stomach and start to worry about digestion. But just enough to feed into your bloodstream the necessary carbs and proteins, and amino acids that it needs to prevent the muscle from breaking down and to already prepare the muscle to build after the workout to recover.

Source: What to Take during a Workout | Bodybuilding Diet

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