Universal Animal Pak Vitamin Review | Best Multi Ever?

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Universal Animal Pak Vitamin Review

It is not a secret that a solid multi vitamin can help with overall muscle gains in the gym. One of the bodybuilding community’s all time favorite is Universal Animal Pak. What makes this vitamin so great? Let’s first take a look at the label.
There is nothing outrageous here. It simply states what it has been for decades, the original since 1983. It includes all of your bodybuilding specific levels of vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidant complex, performance complex, digestive enzymes, and an amino acid complex. Enough said, let’s look at what the real consumers have been saying about animal pak, time for some social proof.
Reported Pro’s:
1) Helps to gain muscle mass
2) Covers all of your nutrients
3) It’s a fantastic multivitamin
4) Gives a sense of clean energy throughout the day

Reported Con’s:
1) A little too expensive for some people
2) The pills are freakin massive
3) Consuming 11 pills at a time is a bit much
4) Is a little much to stomach at first

It’s clear that this is not for the weak, let’s look at the ratings. Here we see that bodybuilding.com has a incredible 1301 ratings scoring an average of 9.1. Supplementreviews.com shows 124 ratings scoring 8.9. This gives us a total of 1425 ratings scoring a spectacular 9.08. There are way too many ingredients to list individually, let’s look at the active ingredients specifically in the performance complex.

Uni-Liver (4080 mg)
– Basically another amino acid complex.
– The source is grass fed cattle raised without steroids or hormones.
– Universal claims that this blend protects the liver and is very helpful to those that consume a lot of supplements and protein.

Carnitine (25 mg)
– Main purpose is to transport fat to the cells to be used as energy.
– Helps to burn fat in the body and keep fat from being stored as energy.
– Carnitine doesn’t really have much of a benefit unless you workout effectively.

Choline (250 mg):
– Helps to protect the liver from fat cells attaching to it.
– Known to increase memory and to transport lipids from the liver.
– The maximum daily dose of this ingredient should never exceed 3.5 grams.

Eleuthero (1750 mg)
– Increases endurance and mental alertness by transporting more oxygen to the cells.
– This also results in quicker muscular recovery.
– May also help with radiation protection.
– 2-3 grams per day is a standard dose.

Hawthorn (250 mg)
– Has been known to strengthen the heart, cardiovascular system, and help to treat high blood pressure.
– Recommended daily dose lays between 160 mg and 900 mg.

Inositol (125 mg)
– Helps your central nervous system, brain function, skin health, and protects your liver.
– 1000 mg per day is a common prescription given by doctors.

Milk Thistle (500 mg)
– Well known for boosting the health of your liver.
– This is done by using its powerful anti-oxidants to detoxify the liver.
– Cases have shown that alcohol damage can actually be reversed by supplementing with Milk Thistle.
– Other supplements containing Milk Thistle contain 240 mg to 340 mg per serving.

Oriental Ginseng (250 mg)
– May help to improve memory and sex drive.
– 200 mg per day is a common dosage.

Para-Aminobenzoic Acid (400 mg)
– Known to enhance flexability, help with sun radiation damage, and act as an anti-oxidant fighting pollution in the body.
– Daily doses are common between 500 mg and 1000 mg.

Final Verdict
There’s no question that this multivitamin is highly effective. The user can expect:
– More energy
– Quicker muscle gains in the gym
There are some draw backs though, this supplement is:
– A bit pricey
– Uses massive pills
– Can be tough to stomach
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Source: Universal Animal Pak Vitamin Review | Best Multi Ever?

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