Organic Whey Protein Powder Without Soy Benefits

One of the most popular choices involves the organic whey protein powder without soy because this healthful product does not trigger any adverse effect to the body. Because this product is organic or natural, it guarantees that even if the body consumes it regularly, a person will not experience unwanted health issues.

Lately, many people are showing much interest on the available different protein supplements. These men and women believe that with these latest products, the most suitable option to invest involves the supplements that comes from organic whey. These products are risk free because they do not include harmful ingredients and preservatives. In addition, they can easily help the body develop greatly to remain stronger.

Ori Hofmekler discuss the best-tasting, non-denatured whole whey protein concentrate powder that will help your weight loss goals. One of the main reasons why people fail to lose body fat or fail to lose weight is the inability to recognize the main causes behind. You know, one of the most unaddressed causes for fat gain is the inflammatory factor. What many people fail to understand that fat gain is an inflammatory process. Moreover, this process is promoted by the fat tissues themselves, particularly the most bioactive tissues such as around the belly or next to the internal organs. These fat tissue produces pro-inflammatory hormones called cytokines. Most notable among them are TNF-alpha, and interleukin-6 which have been shown to cause insulin resistance and inhibit fat loss. So how do you counteract that?

This process is actually getting worse when you eat meat and animal products that are derived from overfed animals which their fat is also bioactive and you get all this hormone to your body which further promote inhibition of fat loss and fat gain.
One of the solutions is to eat anti-inflammatory foods, coming from plant vegetables; fruits, and dairy. In the dairy, the most notable anti-inflammatory food is whey protein, and the reason: there are two compounds that antagonize and counteract this pro-inflammatory, fat gaining hormones; one of them is calcium, and the other one is the amino acid leucine. The combination of both is extremely powerful to counteract this pro-inflammatory process and actually promote anti-inflammatory activity and fat loss.
The most important compound that calcium and leucine promote is called interleukin-15. Interleukin-15 is another cytokine that can be produced by muscle cells as well, but accelerated and promoted by the combination of calcium and leucine, particularly leucine.

You can find calcium and leucine in virtually all foods, but particularly in dairy, and the richest source in the world is whey protein. It’s one of the main reasons why whey protein has been linked to weight loss and leaning down. It has fat burning properties, and they are linked primarily to this effect. But make sure that your whey protein is coming from a whole source, not whey that is derived from skim milk or whey that is isolate. You really want to have a whole whey derived from a whole milk that contains all the minerals and the calcium you need, and that it is not denatured and has all the amino acids to support your metabolism.


When it comes to investing for the best whey protein supplement, it is very important to choose organic whey protein powder without soy. Of course, we need to visit a reliable webpage to help us decide easily like and invest our money right!

Source: Organic Whey Protein Powder Without Soy Benefits

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