How to Gain Weight With a Fast Metabolism But Not Get Fat

As a naturally skinny person it can often seem like no matter what you do or what you eat you never seem to gain weight. Your naturally fast metabolism makes any sort of weight gain tough, but weight loss easy – I’m sure you’re often told how grateful you should be that you don’t suffer from the reverse of that problem, but that doesn’t really help does it?

Your biggest question is how to gain weight with a fast metabolism, but you don’t want to get fat, you’d like to get a toned body that improves your shape and makes you look fantastic.

In this article I’d like to show you the 2 things you need to focus on to gain weight with a fast metabolism without the consequence of getting fat in the process.

Create A Caloric Surplus To Gain Weight

In plain English “eat more than you burn off“. This sounds pretty straightforward and common sense, but most folks don’t actually realize how many calories they should be consuming on a daily basis.

I can understand since much of our society is geared to weight LOSS, a lot of calorie requirements are much lower than a naturally skinny person with a high metabolism requires.

As a rule of thumb, you can multiply your current bodyweight in pounds by 24 to get a ball park figure – i.e. if you weigh 150 pounds then you’ll need to be consuming around 3,600 calories per day (150 x 24). Obviously this is not an exact figure as other factors are involved such as level of daily activity, age, gender, etc. but it gives an idea as to how the bog-standard 2,000 for women and 2,500 for men, is totally inadequate for a person looking at how to gain weight with a fast metabolism.

These extra calories need to be split over 6 meals per day split 3 hours apart in order to keep your metabolic rate steady, and avoid the usual spikes and crashes that come from the usual 3 meals per day. The key to this is keeping that fast metabolism consistent and preventing long periods without food, where your body will resort to burning off your precious body fat.

“But won’t all these extra calories and meals make me fat?”

The key to not getting fat on a high calorie diet is in performing weight training exercises to add bulk and muscle tone. Since muscle weighs more than fat our goal is to add muscle to gain weight and improve our overall appearance, shape, strength and health.

Weight Training To Gain Weight Quickly

The key to any weight training workout to gain weight with a fast metabolism is to focus on compound mass gaining exercises.

Exercises such as Squats, Bench Press, Deadlifts and the like are the best muscle building exercises going and so are great for gaining weight.

Make sure that the intensity in your workouts is high, and your weights heavy. This along with a high calorie diet will give you the best opportunity to gain weight with a fast metabolism.

“But I’m a woman…won’t weight training make look big and bulky?”

This is actually a very common question, and the answer is that in general women do not have the natural testosterone or hormonal levels to get big and bulky unless they are doing extreme training routines. That’s why a lot of the big female bodybuilders take some kind of hormone pills, to give them the boost that they don’t naturally have.

How to Gain Weight With a Fast Metabolism But Not Get Fat by John Wheeler

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