How to Gain Weight if You’re Skinny (NUTRITION MYTH!)

Where skinny guys come to build athletic muscle…

If you are a skinny guy there is nothing more frustrating than eating everything in sight and still not being able to put on muscle mass. I know because I struggled with this myself. Learning how to gain weight fast if you’re skinny is made complicated because the truth is, you’re getting bad advice. Most will tell you that in order to get big you have to eat big. This is just too damn simplified to have any real merit.

As I show you in this video, in order to build muscle if you are skinny you need to FIRST focus on the quality of the food you eat before you even think about the quantity. Eating a lot of bad food will do nothing to help you build muscle size since the building blocks are founded on garbage. Eating less of healthier foods will do far more to help you get bigger, even if that means taking in far fewer calories than you do now.

As a self admitted junk food eater growing up, I can tell you that I never was really able to add any muscle eating the food I was eating. It wasn’t until I decided to clean up my nutrition and start following more of a bodybuilding diet or eating plan that I started to see my gains skyrocket. The problem was, the bodybuilding meal plan was downright bland! I learned more about nutrition and realized that eating well didn’t have to be painful.

Years later I would create the X Factor Meal Plan (that is included in the ATHLEAN-X Training System at ). This same plan not only helped me to build muscle as a skinny guy but it also ironically helped guys that were overweight to get ripped! How does that work? It happens because when you start having a respect for your nutrition and you provide your body with the nutrients that it needs to build lean muscle, you change the way your body responds to your training.

If you are looking to add muscle fast, you’d simply eat more of the right foods to establish a caloric surplus while making sure the food quality was high. If you needed to lose weight you’d cut back on the quantities but always ensure that the quality was kept high. So whether you’re skinny and looking for how to gain weight or how to get big fast…or you’re an overweight guy looking to lose weight your approach to the foods you eat would be the same.

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Source: How to Gain Weight if You’re Skinny (NUTRITION MYTH!)

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