Cutting Diet | (BluePrint To Cut) – Meal By Meal Shredding Diet!

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Summer time is finally here and I know you guys need a little help with your cutting diet so i wanted to put this video together and show you my shredding diet meal by meal.

My cutting diet macros are about 220 grams of protein, 210 grams of carbs and 50 grams of fat per day. This macronutrient breakdown will help me go from about 10 percent body fat to 8 percent body fat in 30 days without sacrificing muscle mass.

In fact – if you do this meal plan correct and consume carbohydrates for breakfast, pre workout, and post workout you can actually make lean gains while on the shredding diet!

“BluePrint To Cut”

1. Consume your Carbohydrates during crucial anabolic times. This is the key for losing belly fat and getting six pack abs. The best cutting diet plans take carbohydrate timing into consideration.

2. The best shredding diet means that you are not losing any strength or muscle mass. Make sure you get in at least 1 gram of protein per lb. of bodyweight to ensure this doesn’t happen. I have not lost much strength on any of my cuts.

3. Make sure that you get in enough healthy fats so your testosterone and crucial anabolic hormone levels do not drop. This is key for maximizing your muscle building and fat loss potential on the cutting diet.

4. The last thing you need for the ultimate shred diet is food that will make you really full. This means that you will be consuming a lot of fiber filled foods such as green leafy veggies, vegetables, oatmeal and raw almonds.

5. One last thing – The best shredding diet will be one that is easy to follow without much thinking! Write down your macros and about what you would need to eat during each meal to hit these macros and after that don’t overthink it.

I wrote down my macros on a sheet of paper and called it the “Ultimate Cutting Diet” – and I use it as a template in making my eating decisions throughout the day.

Cutting Diet PRO TIP – Embrace the journey and don’t obsess over getting to a certain body fat percentage. Take your time and enjoy the process of becoming shredded!

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Source: Cutting Diet | (BluePrint To Cut) – Meal By Meal Shredding Diet!

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