Creatine Loading — And it’s Many Benefits!

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Hello today I’m going to be talking about creatine loading, how this supplement works, and a few other nifty benefits you may not know about.

When I say the word creatine what images come to your mind? You might be thinking of bodybuilding and a huge guy as big as the comic book hero “Hulk.” The truth is that creatine can not only help with strength training, but also getting rid of pesky body fat that you may not want. Even helps with your memory, bone strength and blood sugar levels.

Another thing that may surprise you is that it’s completely natural and found in common foods like beef, chicken and fish. Even our bodies make it because it has an important function.

Every cell in your body needs energy to operate. The mitochondrion of a cell is just like an engine of a car, where there is something called ATP. This ATP stuff has 3 phosphorus molecules and when it destroys one the burst from the explosion creates energy. It’s similar to a burst from gasoline in a car engine that drives a piston up producing the energy.

What creatine does is give ATP another phosphorus molecule so that it can be used again. I like to think of it like a supercharger on an automobile, where it increases the horsepower. When it comes to strength training increased horsepower will allow someone to lift more weight, thus build muscle quicker and tons of studies support this.

As you can probably imagine when you first start taking creatine it’s going to take a while for all of your muscles to get it. This is why some people recommend creatine loading or simply loading up on the supplement at first, so it can reach all your muscles in the shortest amount of time. Then after this loading phase, since all of your muscles will have the substance, you should reduce the dosage.

You could take creatine without this loading phase, but it will take weeks for the full benefits to kick in. Why wait this long if you don’t have to?

Between 1-2 weeks is a good range on how long this loading phase should be. For the question how much creatine to take for this phase, it’s best to follow the advice on the product label. If there isn’t any instructions then the general amount is between 15 to 25 grams a day. After the loading phase a person should then go back to the normal amount or the maintenance phase, which is around 5 grams a day.

You might be wondering, ok Kevin I see how it helps gain muscles but how does it help weight loss? The logic behind creatine is that it makes muscles bigger and stronger. What this does is enable someone to burn more calories, almost like increasing a person’s metabolism.

How it helps with bones is it increases the metabolic activity of osteoblast-like cells. This is just a complicated way of saying it makes cells that make bones.
In Canada they split 32 rats into 2 groups.

One group received creatine powder, and the second group did not. Next they killed the rats and tested the bones. The result was 12 percent more force was needed to break the bones of the rats that took creatine.

Next up creatine can help people with brainpower and being smart. I knew you wondered how I got my intelligence, and now I’m revealing my secret sauce.
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Source: Creatine Loading — And it’s Many Benefits!

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