Creatine 101 All You Need To Know!

This was a much requested video and a huge topic of discussion lately. I hope this video is able to clear some information up about creatine, its usage, and much more! The information is more geared towards beginners as it offers pretty basic facts, but if you have any further questions please ask, or even do a little research! Creatine IS the most researched supplement out there backed by plenty of anecdotal evidence. It is also the most popular and commonly used sports supplement today.

Simple Facts:
Derivied from amino acids
Synthesized liver/kidneys/pancreas
Stored primarily in the skeletal muscle holding 95%
Increases ATP within the muscle (gets you stronger over time)

*Monohydrate, ethyl-ester, phosphate, citrate, kre-alkalyn
Monohydrate = least $ and most researched – better bioavailability

-Improved performance – strength, power, speed, endurance
-Longer / larger work volume

-maximal strength + muscular endurance
-increase anaerobic power and performance
-lean body mass + muscle density
-improves functions associated with neuromuscular disease

How To Take:
-3-5g Per Day

When To Take:
-Whenever You Want

What to take it with:
-Whatever You Want

Loading and Cycling is NOT necessary!

-cause cramping
-water retention
-impair kidney function

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Source: Creatine 101 All You Need To Know!

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