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If you have time to shop every day for fresh vegetables and meat then stop reading now, this does not pertain to you. Buying freshly picked vegetables, produce, and meat every day is the best but few of us in the real world have time to do it — I certainly don’t.

This page is about the top 10 non perishable things you can buy at the store and keep on hand for months on end so that when you don’t have time to go shopping, you can whip up something healthy, tasty, and high in protein, in no time at all. The reason this is so important is that you know exactly what happens when your cupboards are bare and you are out of time — you stop for unhealthy fast food or grab junk food from a convenience store. With these ten non perishable items on hand, you can whip up almost an endless number of really tasty and healthy dishes quickly.

Let me be completely clear here, I am not saying to eat these foods all the time. I am not saying to give up normal menu planning where you plan healthy meals for the week and go shopping. All I am saying is that you should keep these in your pantry for the times when you just don’t have time to shop. Success in bodybuilding, health, and fitness is all about consistency — day after day, year after year. Having these foods on hand insures that the next time you have to work overtime unexpectedly and you are coming driving home starved at 7pm that you can drive right by the McDonalds because you know you can whip something up with what is in your pantry.

Remember the above purpose when you look at the items in the below list. Each of these foods you could find something bad to say about but remember, we are comparing these to what you would eat if these foods were not in your pantry — Big Mac Meal Deals, Big bag of chips, snickers bars, etc. Canned tuna does have a lot of mercury but having a can once in awhile is completely fine and it certainly beats the food quality of fast food ground beef. Yes, canned food can be high in sodium but one Big Mac has more sodium than three whole cans of kidney beans! One single bag of BBQ potato chips/crisps has as much salt as five whole cans of kidney beans. Alles Klar?

None of the foods listed below are new wonder foods from the Amazon, these are good ol’ nutritional work horses.

Busy bodybuilder grocery list


canned fish (salmon or tuna)
rolled oats
nuts or natural peanut butter
dried lentils
canned beans (kidney, black, pinto, garbonzo)
brown rice
canned beans (kidney, black, pinto, garbonzo)
frozen vegetables
frozen chicken breast
protein powder
shredded wheat cereal
nonfat milk powder (emergency milk supply for cereal)
dried fruit (blueberries, cherries, cranberries)

balsamic vinegar
dried onion
dried garlic
no-salt seasoning
cooked salsa

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