What Is the Zercher Squat?

There are some people who prefer the Zercher Squat over the Barbell Back Squat. Not surprisingly, there are people who question this preference. There are people who are wondering why it is better than other squats? But what is the Zercher Squat? Is it really better? That is debatable. However, it is sometimes preferred by people who are into wrestling. This is perfect for people who are into submission wrestling.

Why Do Wrestlers Prefer the Zercher Squat?

Submission wrestlers prefer the Zercher squat because this helps them keep their elbows in tight to their bodies. This helps them keep their core tight, shoulders back and head up. Wrestlers notice that with this particular type of squat, they are able to thrust their hips forward more easily. Zercher also helps wrestlers develop super strong arms which greatly help during a tie up. You might have noticed that when you do a Zercher, the bar basically positions itself in your arm, exactly where the forearm meets your biceps. This prompts you to lock hands, a position that you usually adopt when you secure a submission hold or assume a bear hug or cradle when wrestling.

Over time, the Zercher squat helps tremendously strong arms which are great assets for any wrestler. Strong arms give a wrestler a better chance at controlling a match. He is not easily overpowered by an opponent during a tie up. A strong arm will help a wrestler when pummelling to take control of a match.

How Can the Zercher Squat Help?

Why should you choose Zercher squats when you can always use curls to build strong arms? The answer is quite simple. With the squat, you can easily handle more weight than you can handle when you do a curl. With more weight, the muscles work with bigger weight load. This makes your arm muscles stronger while you are in a squat position.

The squat also helps with stance stabilization. Foundation is everything when it comes to wrestling. If your stance is weak, you will be more easily pulled and pushed by your opponent. With the squat, you will train your legs to become stronger and more stable. You will discover incredible leg power. This will help greatly when you are moving, changing levels, doing penetration steps or lifting your opponent.

You will also develop tremendous hip power. Strong hips help you easily arch your back and throw your opponent. The squat helps strengthen your lower back and upper back. In truth, it also helps develop abdominal power.

How can the Zercher Squat help you? Now, you know. You should try to do this in low repetition ranges of 6 or below. You should use heavy weights. Confine yourself within a power rack when doing squats for safety reasons.

What Is the Zercher Squat? by Mark O Johnson

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