Tips For Skinny Guys To Get Better Back Muscles

If you are a hardgainer, you know that your back is probably bony and lack muscle definition. You look like a rectangle when someone sees you from the side. Here are some ways for you to get back muscles.

My back muscles were pathetic when I was younger. My toothpick skinny frame did not make my back stand out at all. I remember walking behind guys who had these muscles, it was obvious they did because their backs bulge out.

So if you want back muscles, here is what you need to do:

-Start working out with intensity and use heavier weights and less repetitions. This will put stress on your back causing it to grow back faster and stronger.

-Get plenty of rest so that your back will recuperate fully before you exercise again. Your muscles need time to grow back and heal and overexerting it will decrease your muscle gain

-Focus on basic back exercises for maximum results. They may not be fun or exciting, but simple back workouts are proven. Some you should focus on are dumbbell rows, lying dumbbell extensions and lat pulldowns.

-Make sure you do your workouts with proper technique. This is extremely important as working out your back incorrectly can lead to bad posture and even injury. This muscle is an essential part of your day to day physical activity so make sure you use your back muscle properly.

By focusing on developing your back, going from skinny to muscle will be much quicker and you will have a better muscular appearance. Make sure it is part of a full body workout routine and you are also following a healthy muscle-building nutrition plan.

Tips For Skinny Guys To Get Better Back Muscles by Raz Hal

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