The 4 Best Quadricep Exercises For Mass


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The 4 Best Quadricep Exercises For Mass & Strength

As much as you might be focused on training your chest, shoulders and biceps, leg training is an equally important part of the puzzle and should be given the same level of focus as any other muscle.

In this video I cover the very best quadricep exercises to help you build bigger quads as effectively as possible.

First on the list of best quad exercises is the standard barbell squat. This has always been the bread and butter of proper bodybuilding leg training and for good reason. Squats are a highly functional lift and help you build quad muscle more effectively than any other movement out there.

Second is the leg press. These can be done as seated leg presses or 45 degree leg presses and they’ll train your quads along with your glutes, hamstrings and calves. The benefit here is that the weight is balanced and this allows you to place 100% focus on simply moving the resistance and directly stimulating your quads.

Third on the list of top exercises for quads are lunges performed with either dumbbells or a barbell. These are a bit more complex in terms of form and do require some practice, but they’re great for building quad mass and have the benefit of allowing each leg to work independently.

Lastly are barbell or dumbbell step ups. You won’t see these performed often but they’re definitely one of the best leg exercises to include in your quad workout. These are also a highly functional lift, they build mass effectively and also allow you to train iso-laterally.

To form a complete quad routine using these lifts, go with a basic barbell squat and then pair it up with one of the other 3 lifts, performing 3-4 sets for each and anywhere from 5-12 reps.

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