Secret Butt Exercises That Develop A Tight Butt In Days

If you want a tight feminine butt, then I’ll show you some secret butt exercises that develop a firm butt in days. The good part is that you can do all of these exercises at home and they only take a few minutes a day.

Isometric Butt Squeezes

You can do these anywhere and at anytime. Sitting, standing, or lying down… it doesn’t matter. People won’t even know you’re doing them. I suggest you do them lying down for better results.

Simply squeeze your butt together and hold it for as long as possible. I’ve done this for as long as 5 minutes for 1 set. Your goal should be to do each squeeze for at least 1 minute. The more you do this the better, however your goal should be to do these butt squeezes for 5 minutes a day minimum.

And hey… you can do these while you watch tv. So don’t give me any excuses. Can’t you do 30 minutes of these each night while watching tv? I can and do!

Jumping on a Mini-trampoline

This is a great exercise for developing a tight butt fast. Simply jump up just a little on the mini-trampoline. Don’t worry about how high you can jump… that doesn’t matter. What matters is the rebounding of the jumps. So even jumping as little as an inch works great. Try it, you’ll see.

Wall Squats

This is another exercise I like to do at home while watching tv. Simply find a wall and lean your back straight against it. Place your feet shoulder-width apart and about 18 inches from the wall. Now squat down at deep as you can (the deeper you go, the better for your butt) while keeping your back against the wall.

Your goal should be to do 10 sets of 10 repetitions. However, just start out with 4 sets of 6-10 repetitions.

If you follow these secret butt exercises, you’ll develop a tight butt in days.

Secret Butt Exercises That Develop A Tight Butt In Days by Jennifer Jolan

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