One Simple Exercise to Blast your Forearms at Home

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What’s up!

It’s Jonny with Insane Home Fat Loss and today I’ve got a body-part specific workout for y’all. I’ve been reading all the reviews and comments and have noticed that people are asking for routines for specific areas. So today I’ve got a nice little at-home “Forearm” workout.

So listen up and take advantage of this! — Because it’s workouts like this one that will give your body a more muscular, balanced look and get you that much closer to the body you need.

Before we get started you’ll need a couple things, that you can probably find around your house, to make a “Forearm Blaster”!
1:01 What you’ll need:
– Something to grip — I’ve a broom handle so anything similar that can support 5 – 10lbs will be fine.
– String — I’ve got a shoe lace so something that length and strength will do.
– Tape — You can use Gorilla or Duct tape.

1:58 How to build your “Forearm Blaster”:
– Take your stick, tie one end of the string around it and securely tape it so that it stays in the middle of the stick.
– So when you hold the stick out in front of you, you can use your forearms and wrists to roll the string up around the stick, then back down — This is the motion we’ll be doing with weights added on.

– Make sure that your tape is secure, or depending on the stick you’ve chosen, you could drill a hole in it and feed the string through that way.

2:33 I’ve already got one made here and at the bottom I’ve tied on a jug of water.
– A gallon of water is roughly 8lbs.
– It won’t take much weight when working your forearms, so this should be fine to start.

– Be sure to adjust this to your level, you can either remove some water or tie another jug on.

**Now that we have our “Forearm Blaster” assembled let’s get to the workout!
– Do as many sets of this as you want, I’m going to do 2 to show you how it’s done.

2:12 Workout Breakdown:
1) Roll the weight up
– Start with your arms stretched straight out in front of you.
– Rotate the stick in your hands so that the string winds around the stick.
– Keep doing this until the string brings the weight all the way up.
2) 10 Reverse Curls
– Keep the weight tightly at the top.
– With your palms still facing down, bring the stick down to your thighs.
– Bend your elbows and bring the weight up to your chest
3) Roll the weight back down
– Bring your arms back out in front of you.
– Rotate the stick the opposite way to lower the weight all the way down.
4) Repeat
– Once the weight has reached the bottom keep rotating that direction to bring the weight back up and continue from there!

Are you ready for this? Your forearms will be burning… I promise! Let’s go!

Video Breakdown:

– Set 1
3:16 Roll all the way up
3:29 10 Reverse Curls
3:50 Roll back down – slowly
4:02 Roll back up
– Same rotation from when you were lowering it.
4:17 10 Reverse Curls
4:43 Roll back down

Set 2
5:10 Roll up
5:21 10 Reverse Curls
5:45 Roll down
5:54 Don’t stop and roll up
6:10 10 Reverse Curls
6:35 Roll back down

Whew, it’s hard to hold onto that thing after this workout — That’s all my forearms could take today! So, if you want more workouts, nutrition and tips come back and check us out often. Don’t forget to send in those before and after pics and as always leave your comments below to let us know what you think about this video and what you want more of.

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