Muscle Gain Secrets From The Man With 23 Inch Biceps

I was flipping through an old muscle magazine last night and spotted a picture of Bill Pettis.

If you do not recognize the name, Bill Pettis was a bodybuilder who built himself quite possibly the largest arms of his era.

Rumor has it they measured 23 and 1/4 inches. (I say rumor has it because nobody really knows if arm measurements are accurate since most bodybuilders are prone to inflating the truth just a bit.)

But even if you do not believe the numbers, the pictures do not lie. Any way you slice it his arms were HUGE.

And strong too. He could curl 225 pounds and could use a whopping 340 pounds in the standing triceps press.

But what really caught my eye was how he ate:

While most bodybuilders still swear by the six meals a day method, Bill ate just two meals per day. He'd eat around 3-4 eggs per day and a hefty portion of bacon, steak, fish, chicken, vegetables and some fruit.

For supplements, he'd have some protein powder, brewer's yeast and also desiccated liver tablets.

His training was high volume – he'd do dozens of sets of heavy barbell curls, along with plenty of triceps work. In fact, he'd do about twice as much triceps work as he did biceps exercises.

The reason? The triceps contains more muscle than the biceps muscle group so by working the triceps you can increase overall arm size faster.

You might not be able to build 23 inch biceps like Bill Pettis but by following the tips in this article you too can increase your arm size and start stretching out your t-shirt sleeves.

Muscle Gain Secrets From The Man With 23 Inch Biceps by Matt Marshall

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