Lower Back Stretches – 3 Weird But Simple Exercises to Gain Strength and Get Rid of Back Pain

The core muscles of the lower back are critical for getting a flat tummy, six-pack abs and working out your entire body. The lower back stretches are the ideal exercises for getting a strong back and getting rid of back pain for good. Use these simple yet effective exercises to get the best possible results.

1) The Cat Stretch

This is one of the most effective lower back stretches that come directly from the ancient art of yoga. It is quite easy to do.

Get on the floor with our hands and knees being positioned firmly on the ground.

Push your back upwards, as if you are trying to reach the ceiling with it. Arch your back as much as possible, just like a cat does. Remember not to lift your hands and knees from the floor.

Hold the arched position for at 20 seconds. Then relax and get to the initial body position slowly.

2) The Snake-Like Stretch

This is one of the more challenging lower back stretches, so it should be done with extra care. It is essential for you to warm up, before you try this exercise.

Lie on the floor using your forearms for support. Your stomach should be on the floor as well.

Start straightening your elbows. Lift your torso slowly. Extend your back.

Straighten your elbows as much as you can. Your stomach should be completely off the ground.

Hold this position for 15 seconds. Try not to transfer your whole weight to the arms and palms.

Slowly return to the initial position.

3) The Bridge Stretch

This is exercise is challenging, but it is extremely effective. In fact, this one of the lower back stretches exercises not only the lower back muscles, but the abs as well.

Lie down on your back on the floor.

Bend your knees and bring your feet closer to the buttocks. Keep your arms straight next to your body.

Lift your hip up, pointing to the ceiling. Lift them as much as you can.

Draw the chest towards your chin. Do not do the opposite. If you bring the chin to the chest, this can result in a neck discomfort.

Stay in this position for as much as you can.

Finally, bring your back down, starting from the lower back and continuing with the upper back.

These great lower back stretches will give you the great results you expect in no time. Just make sure you do one set of 10 reps, during each of your workouts.

Lower Back Stretches – 3 Weird But Simple Exercises to Gain Strength and Get Rid of Back Pain by Mark Destro

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