Leg Workout “Finisher” (QUADS KILLED!!)

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A leg workout finisher is only as effective as the legs workout that precedes it. That said, if you’re not doing a finisher like the one I’m showing you in this video, then you’re likely leaving a lot of leg size potential on the table. Give this dumbbell legs workout sequence a try whether you are training at home or at the gym and you’ll start noticing more powerful size and strength gains in your quads and hamstrings in the next few workouts.

This leg workout finisher requires only a single set of dumbbells to complete it. We’re going to use a mechanical drop set to eke out more effort from your legs, even when you think they’ve had enough. The first leg exercise to kick this all off is the weighted jump squat. For this particular legs exercise I prefer to weight with dumbbells rather than a bar across the back of the neck. If you were to explode up enough so that the bar actually lost contact with your back ever so slightly, it’s going to come crashing back down on the back of your cervical spine. If not dangerous, I can guarantee you it’s going to be at least a bit uncomfortable.

You are to perform 8 reps of a weighted jump squat using 25 percent of your one rep max squat. The key is how you do your jump squats. Far too many people don’t jump with enough force. In order to get the most out of this you have to maximize your explosiveness. Jump into triple extension, forcing your ankles, knees and hips into full extension. Land softly and regroup, immediately and forcibly heading into your next rep.

From here, immediately go into the front squat with dumbbells racked on your shoulders. Here you want to get 10 reps. Lower yourself down as far as you comfortably can while still maintaining good form on the squats.

You are now only half way through. Proceed immediately into the weighted wall squats. Here your goal is to test your quad stamina and your overall heart. How long will you be able to stay in this ninety degree position against the wall without caving? Don’t let the dumbbells drop the minute your legs feel fatigued or start to burn. Instead, fight the urge and scratch for every second you can get.

Finally done? Not so fast, drop the dumbbells and aim to complete another wall sit unweighted for as long as you can. Your legs will actually start to shake a bit until they finally collapse and make it known that you have nothing left. Rest and regroup and perform 2 final additional sets before calling your leg workout complete.

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Source: Leg Workout “Finisher” (QUADS KILLED!!)

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