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Getting huge arms starts with having huge triceps. In this video I show you 4 triceps exercises that will help you to get noticeably thicker tricep muscles from the bottom up, by targeting the long head of the triceps. When trying to get bigger arms, you have to focus on more than just the biceps. Most guys will make the mistake of concentrating too much on the front of the arms while overlooking the contribution of the tricep thickness to the width of the upper arm.

Long head triceps activation is most often demonstrated by choosing triceps exercises that place your arm over your head. This is a good start, since the long head is placed on a preferential stretch when your shoulder is in flexion held over head. The first two exercises demonstrated show you how to do this and which exercises belong in your triceps workout when you’re looking for bigger arms.

The tricep workout can’t end there though, not if you want complete thickness in your arms. Instead, you also have to focus on placing the long head in its most contracted state. To do this, you’ll have to include exercises in your triceps workout that adduct and extend the humerus or upper arm behind the body. The final two exercises do just that.

With the Triceps X-Press, you’ll forcefully contract the long head of the triceps by drawing your upper arm down and to your side as well as behind your torso at the bottom of the rep. This creates an intense contraction capable of helping you get bigger triceps. The OBB Rolling Triceps extension is another option that actually takes the triceps muscle close to it’s complete range of motion.

When you’re wondering how to get big triceps and what the best triceps workout would look like you’ve got to consider the science behind the strength! This tricep workout video does just that to help you select the best tricep exercises you can use for bigger arms. If you want to get a complete program that helps you build big triceps with more than just the same old routines, be sure to head to and get your ATHLEAN-X Training System today.

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