How To Get Movie Star Muscles In One Month

If you want to build muscle and get ripped in just one month, than pay close attention to this article. Because I'm going to reveal a proven method used by Hollywood actors who needed to shape up fast for a movie roles back in the 1960's.

Picture this:

The year is 1961. You are a big shot Hollywood movie producer. You're scheduled to start filming your next blockbuster in less than 30 days but you've got a big problem on your hands.

Your main actor – the star of the film – is a mess. He's been boozing it up every night and chasing anything in a skirt at all hours of the night for the past 6 months. As a result, he looks like hell. 20 pounds overweight, no muscle and dark circles under his eyes.

You need to get him in silver screen shape – and fast. What do you do?

Well in 1961 the obvious move would be to pick up the phone and call Vince Gironda. He was a cranky guy and you did not relish the thought of making that call. But you knew Gironda would have your leading man in rock-solid condition before the month was up.

How did Vince manage to transform flabby, out-of-shape actors into buff movie stars in as little as 30 days?

Here's his 3-part strategy. You can use this yourself if you want to pack on slabs of muscle and get lean fast.

Rule # 1) Eat a high fat diet.

Vince was one of the first to recommend eating high amounts of fat while dramatically slashing carbohydrate intake. This causes dramatic weight loss for most people when used as a short-term approach. Vince advised to eat unlimited amounts of meat and eggs with no carbohydrates for 4 days.

Rule # 2) Eat a low-fat, high carbohydrate meal every 4th day.

To maintain the levels of glycogen in your muscles, Vince recommended a high carbohydrate meal every 4th day.

Rule # 3) Perform the 8 × 8 workout.

This workout is brutal, but the results are nothing short of incredible. For this workout, you're going to select an exercise and bang out 8 sets of 8 reps. Here's the real kicker: You only rest 15-30 seconds between sets. As you can imagine, your muscles will be screaming after just a few minutes.

Insider's tip: Vince actually advised trainees to take TWO breaths in between each rep in order to prolong the set and help keep the intensity high.

Choose 2-4 exercises per body part and shoot to finish your workout in less than 45 minutes. You'll train 4 days per week.

Consider the following split:


Chest (3 -4 exercises done for 8 × 8.)

Biceps (3 exercises done for 8 × 8)

Forearms (2-3 exercises done for 8 × 8)


Triceps (3-4 exercises done for 8 × 8.)

Shoulders (3 exercises done for 8 × 8)

Wed: Off


Back (4-5 exercises done for 8 × 8)

Abs (2-3 exercises)


Quads: (3 exercises done for 8 × 8)

Hamstrings: (3 exercises done for 8 × 8)

Calves: (5 exercises, each done for one set of 20 reps.)

Sat: Off

Sun: Off

Repeat for 4 weeks.

If you're looking to make a dramatic physique transformation in the next 4 weeks, the Gironda 8 × 8 workout paired with a high-fat / low-carb diet can certainly get the job done.

How To Get Movie Star Muscles In One Month by Matt Marshall

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