How to Get Bigger Forearms (CRAZIEST PUMP EVER!)

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If you want to get bigger forearms you have to be willing to endure some discomfort in your forearm workouts. The phrase no pain, no gain may never have been more appropriate. In this forearm workout video, I show you a three exercise combo that you can use to torch your forearms with just a single barbell and no additional weight needed.

This forearm exercise combo was a favorite of future Hall of Famer and perennial all-star major leaguer Carlos Beltran. Carlos is known to have some of the strongest and biggest forearms in the game.

To perform this forearm workout circuit simply grab hold of an Olympic Barbell weighing 45 lbs with both hands. Grip your hands around the bar with either an overhand or underhand grip. If you start with your hands gripped over the bar you will want to spin the bar backwards and rotate it in your hands by extending the wrists and activating the forearm extensors.

Keep alternating the motion in the right forearm and left forearm as you rotate the bar in your hands and build up the burn. See if you can continue this for at least one minute without taking a break and work your way up to 90 seconds if you are able to. Immediately after completing, flip your grip so that you are now holding underneath the bar (as if preparing to do a barbell curl). Repeat the motion this time curling your wrists towards your body and activating the forearm flexors. Rotate the bar for as long as you can until you cannot withstand the burn in your forearms any more.

Finally, complete your forearm workout to get bigger forearms by using a switch grip with one wrist under and one over the bar. The hand that is placed under the bar will act to provide resistance to the hand that is over the bar. Both forearms will be using the forearm flexors but will be doing so in opposite directions. This is an intense variation of the move and one that you will aim to perform for 15 reps on each arm if you can.

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Source: How to Get Bigger Forearms (CRAZIEST PUMP EVER!)

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