Home Chest Workout (NO WEIGHTS ALLOWED!!)

Build more than just a big chest without equipment…

A true home chest workout is one that allows you to build a bigger chest without equipment, and without taking up a lot of space. This chest workout technique is one that you can apply to regular pushups to turn them into muscle building beasts and instantly make them a bonafide chest building exercise.

To start, you calculate your max pushups by performing as many as you can until failure. You then want to rest 2 minutes before reattempting. In this second attempt, you’re going to try and complete one and a half times as many push ups as you did in your initial attempt without allowing your knees to touch the ground!

You can “rest” in a plank position, in a downward dog, side plank, whatever. It doesn’t matter as long as you don’t let your knees touch the floor at any point. This home chest workout tip can easily be incorporated into the very next time you perform pushups or do your workout for chest at home. The key is that you must perform your initial set of pushups as hard as you can. Don’t try and take it easy on the first set since you will only be taking away your chance to build muscle.

Your pecs are muscles that respond well to high intensity training. Incorporating advanced workout techniques like this one help to speed up the results you see from your home chest workouts even more. Typically, people will do their home chest workout without weights and stick to multiple sets of ordinary pushups or pushup variations. There is nothing wrong with this chest exercise at all. In fact, it’s one of the best no equipment chest exercises you can do. That said, if you want to get the most out of it and build the biggest chest from doing it you have to add more intensity.

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Source: Home Chest Workout (NO WEIGHTS ALLOWED!!)

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