Great Middle-Back Exercise

Here’s a great one for those looking to build up that middle-upper back and rear delts! No weights here, just a resistance band and you’ll be feeling it.
SET UP: Position yourself stomach first on an Incline Bench with the bench resting on your sternum and chest up, head neutral, and an equal grip with a resistance band out in front of you.

EXECUTION: With the resistance band out in front of you at a shoulder height create a slight bend in your Elbows and lock into place. Drive your elbow back, retracting the scapula and holding the maximal contract for a pause. Now the key is to utilize the dynamics of the band by controlling the essentric motion (from max contraction to starting position) to really benefit. Perform 3 Sets of 20 clean reps. When the resistance becomes too much, adjust your grip to move your hands further from one another to reduce the resistance.

This makes for a great exercise to both finish on or to give the cardiovascular system a short break from heavy compound lifting. I utilized this right after heavy bent-over dumbbell rows and the pump was ridiculous
Remember it’s equally if not more important on how you lift than what you lift so keep the ego at the door and work the muscle.

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Source: Great Middle-Back Exercise

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