Forearm Workout: Best Forearm Exercises To Reach Popeye Status

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I’ll admit, forearm workouts may not be the most “exciting” workout regimen but increasing your forearm size, grip strength, and building vascular forearms is going to help you a ton with your bodybuilding goals.

These exercises are especially important for hardgainer who have skinny arms and wrists and who are trying to gain weight and make their arms look bigger.

How to get bigger forearms is not usually at the top of your bodybuilding goals list but you will soon reap the benefits of having incredible grip strength and vascularity from trying a variety of the best forearm exercises.

This Forearm workout was designed to blast your forearms in three different ways. Try this workout a few times a week and soon you will reach Popeye status with strong and vascular forearms!

This Forearm workout should be completed at the end of your normal workout. It only contains three exercises and will last no more than 10 minutes at the end of your workout.

Exercise #1: Reverse Grip Ez-Bar Curl

The reverse grip EZ bar curl is similar to the traditional EZ bar curl except for one major variation. You will be placing your hands palms down instead of palms up. This simple hand placement switch creates one of the best forearm exercises of all time!

Keep the weight slow and controlled throughout the movement and you will build vascular forearms in a hurry.

Exercise #2: Standing Dumbbell Wrist Extensions

The standing dumbbell wrist extension exercise puts a ton of overload directly on your wrists. Injuring your wrists is very common with guys trying to curl too much weight. Not only is this exercise fantastic for building big forearms – but its going to help build up the strength in your wrists.

Exercise #3: Dumbbell Farmers Walk

The dumbbell farmers walk is going to turn you into a monster and completes this incredible forearm workout. The dumbbell farmers walk forces you to work on your grip strength as you carry around heavy dumbbells. Watch Troy as he walks around his gym while flexing his “Popeye muscle” lol. Now go try this yourself, and watch your forearms grow.

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Forearm Workout: Best Forearm Exercises to Reach “Popeye Status”


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