Fitness 360: Daniel Banks, Swole Patrol –

Find out how this 6-foot-4, 294-pound police chief uses fitness to be a better law enforcer, father, and person. If you’re up to the challenge of his workouts, consider yourself a beast!

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Some people dread working out, or even look for excuses to skip the gym. Dedicated lifters, on the other hand, hunt for any sliver of unscheduled time they can use to lift. They thrive on their daily workouts. But even among the dedicated, few men love or need the gym as much as police chief Daniel Banks.

“Fitness is my outlet,” admits Banks. With a stressful, fast-paced career in law enforcement, Banks considers his gym sessions—which sometimes stretch as long as three hours—necessary for his sanity and mental health. His workouts may seem like overkill, but Banks knows that each minute he spends in the gym makes him even better at his job.

“Being physically fit makes me feel like I can do my job phenomenally,” he says. “Nobody is going to take me away from my family. When I go into a house or a bar, my size demands respect. Nobody wants to get into a physical altercation, but unfortunately there are circumstances that could be hands-on.”

For those circumstances and any others, Banks likes to make sure he’s ready. Four or five nights out of the week, you’ll find him throwing down the gauntlet at his nearby gym. If you think you can hang with this iron animal, check out his full fitness plan and try his workouts on for size!

Daniel Banks has never been one to wait for opportunity; he’d rather work for it. “Any avenue of life, anything you do, hard work and consistency will take you places,” he says. These words were true when he became a police officer well over a decade ago, and they’ve only gotten truer over the course of his career as a fitness competitor and sponsored athlete.

“I never dreamed it would get me to where I am today,” Banks says of fitness. It may have taken many years of work, but the time and effort Banks has spent moving heavy weight has made an enormous impact on his life and the lives of his children.

His time in the gym, however, is never a drag, nor does it ever feel like work. “When I’m in the gym, I feel like I’m in Chuck E. Cheese’s,” Banks says. “I just go have fun. It’s playtime.”

Banks believes that everyone can have the same attitude about fitness as he does. “Find what works for you. We all have different bodies that adapt differently to stress,” he says. “You can’t go into the gym and dread what you’re about to do. Find something that helps you enjoy the ride. It’s a fun ride. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. As long as you’re happy, that’s what matters.”

It’s easy to think that athletes like Banks are born, rather than made. But whatever genetic advantages this stacked lifter was given only blossomed once he began following the example that others had set out for him. First and foremost among those influences: his father.

“My father showed me what hard work, dedication, and consistency, can do,” says Banks. “That’s what I live by, and that’s what I want to instill into my children. I want to be remembered as a great officer, an amazing father, and a person who was dedicated to the fitness industry. I want people to remember that I worked hard and earned my keep.”

The following plan is just an example split—Banks likes to keep his workouts fun and new by changing them up every week. If you choose to follow his program, you’ll have to use some imagination and create new workouts each week.

As a police officer who spends long hours away from home, Banks doesn’t always have fresh, whole foods readily available at all times of the day, so he makes do with smart supplements and healthy fast-food choices. His nutrition plan may be unorthodox, but it’s catapulted Banks to his best-ever physique.

Because of his hectic work schedule and on-the-go lifestyle, Banks relies on quality supplements to fill gaps in his diet. Because he trains after work, he also selects certain supps to help him perform at his absolute best in the gym.

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