Bodybuilding Workout | BACK & ARMS

Bodybuilders use highly demanding workouts to spur muscle growth and achieve their ideal physiques. They are chasing something called muscle hypertrophy — the scientific term for gaining muscle. To achieve their goals, they often have to break up their workouts for the week by different body parts — such as arm and back workouts — in order to maximize the amount of work they can do with each muscle in a workout.
You might commonly combine arm and back workouts on the same day because you often use arm muscles when performing back exercises. Typically, a bodybuilder will work the biggest muscle group first, such as the back, and then move on to the smaller muscles, which, in this case, would be the arm muscles.

Working all of the muscles in your back is a tall task and requires a few different movements. Typically you’ll need at least two or three exercises per body part to stress them enough to grow. If this workout doesn’t seem like it’s having the desired effect, you can simply repeat it once again during the week. However, if it’s sufficiently challenging, performing this workout once per week is enough.

The number of sets that you do per exercise does not include warm-up sets. Do one or two lighter sets to warm up your muscles before plunging into the number of working sets listed in the intro to each exercise. These working sets should be performed with as much weight as you can use while maintaining correct form and completing the assigned number of repetitions.

Athlete model – Brian DeCosta @briandecosta

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