Bigger Stronger Back Workout | IFBB Pro Regan Grimes

Back day doesn’t have to drag on for hours. This back workout from IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Regan Grimes is intense enough to produce lasting gains!
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| Pull-ups |
Hang on a bar with your hands more than shoulder width apart. Pull until the bar reaches chin level and then pause. Repeat.

| Chest Supported Row |
This exercise will take the lower back out of the movement, and you can’t really cheat. By focusing only on your back you’ll develop more contractile strength and a superior mind-muscle connection.

| Hammer Strength Row |
After loading the plates on each side, adjust the seat to a height at which your elbows will come straight back as you pull. Sit with your chest firmly against the front pad and reach forward to grasp both handles with a neutral or overhand grip. Expand your chest and sit upright, lifting the weight from the supports. From here, bend your elbows to pull the handles straight back, squeezing your lats and back at full flexion before slowly re-extending your arms. Don’t let the weight touch down between reps.

| Seated Row |
Seated Cable Rows emphasis is the trapezius muscles, latissimus dorsi, the erector spinae, rear deltoids, biceps, biceps brachialis, and forearm flexors.

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