Best Ab Workout Tip Ever (WORKS INSTANTLY!)

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There are millions of ab workouts and ab exercise combinations that you can do to help you get six pack abs. That said, if you aren’t doing your ab exercises the way I’m showing you in this video, you could be leaving a lot of potential results on the table. In this ab workout video, I show you the number one tip for getting six pack abs from your training. Of course, thinking that you can ignore your nutrition and have this work is a big mistake. Remember, abs are made in the gym and revealed in the kitchen.

So, what makes this tip so effective? First of all, this works in any ab workout. You can opt to do your ab workouts at home or at the gym and this will work equally well either place. This also helps to improve the quality of the abdominal muscle that you do develop. Too many people worry about simply getting through an ab exercise without worrying about what muscles are doing the work to get you there.

If you want to see faster results from your ab workouts you have to learn how to contract your abs on every rep of every ab exercise. I show you how to apply this to two of the most popular home ab exercises around, the crunch and reverse crunch. Performing the exercise correctly technically does not mean that you performed it as effectively as you could have.

In the example of the crunch, I show you how simply lifting your shoulder blades off the ground and keeping a posterior tilt is technically considered a proper rep. However, if you want to make the abs do much more work and in turn develop much better six pack abs, you will have to forcefully contract your abdominals on every rep.

You cannot coast your way through an ab workout if you want it to deliver serious results. In order to get ripped 6 pack abs at home or at the gym you need to worry about the quality of every rep you perform. An ab workout cannot even truly be called a good abs workout if you don’t follow this advice.

If you want to get a ripped six pack for summer, then it’s time you start performing your ab workouts with more intensity. Try this ab work out tip I show you the next time you work your abs and then head to to get the full ATHLEAN-X Training System. Train like an athlete from head to toe and build ripped, athletic muscle like the pros.

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Source: Best Ab Workout Tip Ever (WORKS INSTANTLY!)

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