Abel Albonetti's Six-Pack Supersets

Abel Albonetti takes you through an hour of gut-wrenching work that will toughen up those abs, especially if they’re hiding behind a roll of “stored energy.”‘
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There’s nothing Team Bodybuilding.com athlete and MuscleTech-sponsored athlete Abel Albonetti likes to do more than take something hard and make it harder. Abs are no exception. How else are you going to hear the wind whistle through your six-pack? After a few reps of these ab exercises, your stomach muscles will get seriously beat down.

Does he really have to go and make most of them weighted—and all of them supersetted? Yes.

| Hanging Leg Raise |
Albonetti pays close attention to engaging his full core by bringing up not just his legs, but his hips as well.

| Rope Crunch |
This is one of Albonetti’s favorite ab exercises because you’re able to use a lot of weight and achieve a full stretch at the top of the exercise.

| Cable Reverse Crunch |
This is another great exercise you can add a lot of weight to just by moving the pin. Adjust the weight so that you reach failure on rep number 12.

| Weight Sit-Up with Bands |
Use a weight that results in failure at rep number 12. Reduce the weight. Continue repping until you hit failure again.

| Seated Barbell Twist |
Focus on really engaging your core and using controlled movement back and forth with your core tight and your legs still. Only your upper body should move.

| Push-Up to Side Plank |
Engage your whole core while making sure your hips aren’t dropping. Focus on keeping your body as still as possible for each 30-second rep. If you can’t do the full 30 seconds, rest for a few seconds before jumping right back in.

| Ab Roll-Out |
Ab roll-outs are a great exercise because you’re able to get a very full stretch and engage your full core. If your gym doesn’t have this apparatus, no worries. Get a bar and put two 5-pound plates on each side. There’s your roller.

| Decline Reverse Crunch |
As with the hanging leg raise, this exercise is about more than just raising your legs. Focus on raising your hips off the bench to fully engage your full core.

Let’s hope you got the beat down you were after. Albonetti suggests doing this workout twice a week, ideally on light days, like when you’re doing arms or cardio.


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