Bodybuilding Documentary – Some Kind Of Monster

Bodybuilding Documentary featuring bodybuilder Nate St.Dennis.
This documentary portrays the thoughts and the regime of an up coming bodybuilder,the struggles of surviving in this sport without a sponsor and discipline required to achieve success in the most difficult sport in the world.

The film takes you through the Nate’s defeat 2 years back at the NPC Chicago Jr Nationals, his preparation, diet, posing practice leading to a staggering 1st place win 2 years later.

This video has been made just as a hobby, as a passion and for sheer pleasure of creation and video making. I do not intend to make money out of this and I do not intend to monetize the video. The main purpose of this is to give a stage to upcoming athletes and showcase to the world that champions live among us !

**I DO NOT own the rights to the audio used in this documentary and the rights belong to their respective owners !**

The songs used in this video :

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Metallica : Some Kind of Monster :

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