Best Way to Gain Muscle – 5 Steps to Get Ripped Fast

Muscles are essential for the body. All the physical action and work we undertake are controlled by the muscles. There are many ways of gaining muscle but not all of them produce the desired results. The best way to gain muscle is to do what actually works. Here are some tips.


Although there are get muscle quick plans, workouts still remain the best way to gain muscle. When you work out, you stimulate the muscles. As you lift the weights, your body realizes that it should strengthen the muscles in order to be able to support those weights without difficulty. The result is bigger muscles.

Train the whole body

There is the notion that you must target particular muscle groups in order to gain muscle. This method is only good for keeping the target muscles in shape. Coaches and pros will tell you that to gain muscle, the best thing to do is to train the whole body. You might want to focus on certain parts of the body at certain times, but this should not last more than a few seconds.

Vary your exercises

You should not let the body get used to one type of exercises or a particular weight. When that happens, the muscles will not receive the right amount of stimulation they need to grow as they reach a plateau. The best way to gain muscle is to frequently change weights and exercises. The rule is once you realize you are very comfortable with a particular weight or exercise, change it.

You must rest

No one can underestimate the role rest plays in muscle growth. When you do the workouts, hitting the right muscles with the appropriate weights, you must give time to the body to react in order to start the growth process. Rest is what enables the body to kick start the growth. Therefore the best way to gain muscle is to include periods of rest in your training schedule. You must make time to rest in between your training sessions. And there should be off days when you rest with no exercise.

Eat well

You cannot take a balanced diet out of your plans to get buff. The foods we eat provide the building blocks for muscle growth. Many people overlook this critical area. If you stimulate your body through exercise, you are just telling it to use the nutrients available to grow. If the nutrient is not available, growth will be zero. The best way to gain muscle should be a combination of diet and exercise.

Best Way to Gain Muscle – 5 Steps to Get Ripped Fast by Matt Roeder

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