Best Rep Range for Bodybuilding and Fitness with Victor Costa Vicsnatural

Best Rep Range for Mass and Cuts with Victor Costa Vicsnatural
What is the right rep range and wow many sets and reps should you do for mass and cuts with Victor Costa Vicsnatural
Fitness Workout and Bodybuilding Tips from Top Trainer Victor Costa of Vicsnatural
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Victor Costa is considered by many as one of the top personal fitness trainers in the world.
Victor Costa of Vicsnatural is a top personal trainer, fitness expert and considered by many to be one of the top fitness trainers in the world. Vic’s workouts are endorsed by doctors, athletes, scientists as well as trainers. Vic provides workouts via his website as well as personal sessions you can take via Skype.
Vic’s offers workout programs and dvds as well as workout audios and videos as well as his book Peace, Love and Muscles and an All In One Bodybuilding supplement at
Victor Costa also offers a dvd workout for the gym and a dvd for training with fitness bands.
Vic also offers audio workouts that you can take to the gym with you on any Smartphone.
Vic also, offers individual One on One sessions online via webcam or you can contact Vic directly at

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Source: Best Rep Range for Bodybuilding and Fitness with Victor Costa Vicsnatural

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