Beginner Bodyweight Exercise Circuit Training

Get lean, train mean, and build the body you want the right way.

What’s up guys?

It’s Tee Major from Tee Major Fitness. This workout was created to show you what is possible using the one tool everyone is equipped with, your body. I’ve been able to build and maintain a functional, ripped physique using beginner to advanced calisthenics techniques. True, I do have a background in weight training from the time I spent playing sports, however, when I contracted to train the U.S. military, I was forced to get creative and functional. We trained in some of the roughest environments with little to no equipment, So, I used my head and started training smart. What happened next was crazy….

I got stronger than ever, more ripped than ever, and was able to perform the

I plan on posting more videos like this if you like them Some will be beginner level and some will be more advanced. So, please subscribe, share the video, and comment below. Let me know what you think. Oh, and if you have been training with me and following my videos, please send some progress pics. I love hearing all about your success!

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Tee Major


Check out this quick video which pretty much sums up how we train in the Squad:

I want to tell you one thing that will change your life forever… it’s easy, simple and will ensure that you get the ripped, muscular body that you’ve always wanted as fast as possible. I know it works because it’s the one TRICK that worked for me… and it also helped to transform over 100,000 guys from around the world as well. If I can do it… and they can do it… then you can do it too! All of us already have the ripped muscular body we’ve always wanted. Now it’s your turn:

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Source: Beginner Bodyweight Exercise Circuit Training

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