BBC Documentary: Addicted To Protein (too much protein?)

Is the protein supplement industry causing you to cosume too much daily protein?
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I encourage you to do your research before you choose a whey product. Go with something trusted.

This is the UK/Europe MyProtein site:
This is the USA MyProtein site:
You can also get MyProtein Whey on Amazon USA here:
And you can get MyProtein Whey on Amazon UK here:

MyProtein were the first UK brand to achieve ISO9001 production certification. On their site they state the following:
“We test every single raw material on entry into our factory and every finished product before it leaves by using our state of the art Near Infra-Red machines.”
So when a bag of protein states 90% protein for example, you can have peace of mind that there really is 90% protein in there.

1 guy in this documentary switches to all food protein and gains 1kk (2.2lbs) of muscle in just 6 weeks while at the same time raising his metabolic rate by 100 Calories per day!

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