Advanced Gym Workouts For Hardcore Muscle Gains!

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If you want to maximize your muscle gains you need to train at a gym that supports serious hardcore workouts. This includes both the gym equipment and the atmosphere of the gym itself. Does your gym meet your training needs?

Not All Gyms Are Created Equal…

I can remember a while back a buddy of mine shared a story with me about one of these fancy new “gyms”. He wanted to try it out so he bought a day pass and went in for a workout. The free weight section was pretty shitty to begin with, but they did have the basics.

After a few warm up sets he reached in to his gym bag and took out his container of lifting chalk, chalked up his hands and did a set of deadlifts…

As soon as he finished his set one of the employees came over and told him:

“You are not allowed to use chalk in here. If you don’t clean up your mess you’ll have to leave!”

With that my friend said:

“What kind of a gym is this? Everywhere else I train allows lifting chalk???”

The employee told him:

“We are not a ‘GYM’ we are a Fitness Center, and we don’t let people use chalk”

With that my friend packed up his things, walked out the door and never came back!

Lesson Learned…

If you are serious about building a ripped muscular physique, than you need to train in a place that will support your efforts, and not hold you back. Just watch the video presentation that I’ve put together for you below to find out if you are training in the right gym or not…

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Source: Advanced Gym Workouts For Hardcore Muscle Gains!

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