7 Bodybuilding Sleep Tips For Better Rest & Recovery

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7 Bodybuilding Sleep Tips For Better Rest & Recovery

The connection between bodybuilding and sleep is an often overlooked but very important aspect of optimizing your muscle growth, fat loss and overall health.

Getting a restful sleep each night helps you maintain balanced hormone levels, maximizes your mood, energy and concentration, reduces stress and also improves your body’s fat burning capabilities.

Here are 7 bodybuilding sleep tips to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer periods of time…

7 Sleeping Tips:

1) Go to bed and wake up at the same time every single day. This trains your body to “expect” sleep at a specific time each night, helping you to fall asleep faster.

2) Use your bed for 2 things only: sleeping and sex. Avoid doing work or any other “mind stimulating” activities so that your body associates your bed with rest and relaxation.

3) Shut off all electronics 30-60 minutes before bed. This is one of the most important bodybuilding sleep tips out there because it maximizes melatonin production which is a key hormone involved in regulating sleep patterns.

4) Don’t go to bed on an empty stomach or right after a heavy meal. Consume a medium sized meal within a few hours of bed time.

5) Optimize your room for a deeper sleep by keeping it cool (between 60-67 degrees), dark (use blackout curtains or a sleeping mask), and quiet (sleep in a totally quiet room or use white noise).

6) Steer clear of caffeine and stimulants 6-8 hours before bed.

7) Include some basic sleep supplements in your routine. My top recommendations are magnesium (200-400mg daily), lavender oil (80mg half an hour before bed) and melatonin (1-3mg half an hour before bed).

Whether you realize it or not, there really is a strong connection between sleep and muscle growth as well as sleep and fat loss, so make sure to employ some or all of these tips if you want to perform at your best and make the fastest progress possible.

Source: 7 Bodybuilding Sleep Tips For Better Rest & Recovery

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