Being a small, puny, pathetic, skinny guy SUCKS!! So to help you overcome your “hardgainer” DNA and break free from your skinny guy shackles, I’m going to reveal my list of the 6 best bodybuilding exercises for beginners that will generate the overall greatest muscle growth throughout your entire body!! This list of the best beginners muscle building exercises are all about balance, challenge, and sufficiency to fully stimulate your muscles to trigger complete muscle growth every time you workout. So without further ado, let’s get right to the list!

Let’s start off with how to build a bigger chest, since the chest muscles are easily one of guys biggest sticking points when it comes to building bigger muscles. The best bodybuilding exercises for your chest is the chest press. The amount of versatility with this chest exercise is unmatched and the range of motion it provides during the movement is as wide as can be, to fully maximize the stretches and contractions throughout your pecs. So if you want a bigger chest, make sure you do your chest presses!

Next up are your triceps, the biggest muscle group that makes up your entire arm, and also one of the biggest muscle groups of the arm that many guys neglect due to over-obsessing with their biceps. This poor direction of focus leads to a poor set of arms. So to help you avoid that, the best muscle building exercise for your triceps is the dip. Dips provide a great range of motion and a great challenge for muscle building beginners and are far and away the best exercise to do if you want to build bigger triceps.

As for your biceps, the best exercise to build muscle for your biceps is the dumbbell curl. Dumbbell curls are one of the most basic bodybuilding exercises of all time and also, one of the best. Dumbbell curls allow you to perform two nuances that trigger “extra” stimulation and “extra” muscle growth out of your muscles – the wrist twist and an extended range of motion. These two little muscle building tricks pack a huge punch to help you build a huge set of arms.

Moving on to the back side of your body, the best body builder for your back is the lat pull down. What makes this so beginner friendly is that it simulates a pull-up, another great bodybuilding exercise, but a muscle building exercise that not too many beginners are able to do. The lat pull-down serves as a great alternative to get those great stretches and contractions in your back muscles that are hard to achieve with other exercises.

Now what’s really gonna tie your upper body together is a great set of boulder shoulders, so to help you build those is the best bodybuilding workout for your shoulders, the dumbbell shoulder press. Dumbbell shoulder presses are one of the very few shoulder exercises that actually hit all three heads of your shoulders. They hit the rear head, side head, and front head of your shoulders to build a well rounded pair of boulder shoulders.

Lastly, but certainly not least, although clearly, for most guys it is, the best exercise to build muscle for your legs is the squat. Squats go beyond just being the best exercise for legs, they may just be the best exercise for the entire body! Not only do they heavily target your leg muscles, but your core is also forced to help stabilize the weight, even your arms play a role during squats. If you want to build bigger legs, your best bet is going to be using squats to do so.

And those are the 6 best bodybuilding exercises to stimulate overall muscle growth for beginners. And you may have noticed that this list wasn’t comprised of strictly just any one type of training style, but all of them! Compound movements and isolation movements and body weight movements! Because in order to have a well-rounded body, you want a well-rounded training system to build it, and that means incorporating all 3 of these best bodybuilding training movements. You need all 3 to get the maximum stimulation that will trigger the maximum muscle growth out of your body. So now that you know all the best exercises, get out there and use them to build the best body possible!


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