How To Use Cayenne To Cure Bad Breath

Bad breath or halitosis is a common cause for worry and embarrassment for many people especially when the condition becomes chronic, meaning the person suffers from it all the time. It makes them very conscious of their surroundings and it may hinder the social life of the person. Those people may want to begin eating more cayenne pepper, as it has been proven to be a simple solution to many bad breath problems. While it will probably not work as a permanent remedy, cayenne pepper has been noted as a possible substance for treating mild cases of halitosis.

Bad breath may have its origin associated with oral problems (teeth and gum problems), systemic problems (those arising from the respiratory tract, lungs, stomach and digestive tracts) or from illness such as cold, infections in the throat, tonsillitis, etc. It may also be caused due to drying of the mouth (xerostomia) and due to poor oral hygiene.

If the condition is caused due to systemic problems, it can be reduced by removing or treating the systemic cause. Bad breath due to problems from the stomach is associated with conditions such as gastritis, reflux, heart burn, ulcers, etc.

Treating such systemic conditions is done with the help of drugs that are prescribed by a physician. In addition to this, there are some herbal cures and some homemade remedies that help alleviate the problem to certain extent. One such option to cure systemic conditions arising from the stomach is Cayenne Pepper. Cayenne and bad breath are polar opposites. The chemicals in this food attack and can break down many of the internal gastrointestinal chemicals which cause bad breath. Again, while it may not work for all people, this is a fast and easy way to prevent bad breath problems from arising in the first place.

Cayenne, whose scientific names are Capsicum frutescens or Capsicum annuum, is a hot pepper that is derived from capsicum and has an active ingredient called capsaicin. It is regularly used to treat a variety of conditions such as sinusitis, headaches, asthma, diabetes, pneumonia, arthritis, psoriasis, etc. It is helpful in improvement of blood circulation and the removal of toxins from the body. It is also helpful in treating a variety of gastrointestinal problems and aids in improving the digestion.

This substance is used to combat bad breath both directly and indirectly. The peppers are used directly when the source for bad breath is a dry mouth and indirectly when the cause is an underlying gastrointestinal problem.

Capsaicin in the pepper is helpful in combating bad breath by improving the flow of saliva and stimulating stomach secretions. In cases of dry mouth, chewing on some peppers of cayenne improves flow of saliva and thus reduces bad breath.

Cayenne has been recommended in treatment of gastritis, ulcers and in dyspepsia (difficulties in digestion). It is also used to stimulate hunger by taking it in the capsular form before food. It helps in improvement in peristaltic action in the digestive tracts and in repair of the tissues of the stomach. It also helps the body in stimulating the release of hydrochloric acid that is necessary for digestion.

Combating these gastrointestinal problems helps in indirectly reducing bad breath as these problems are a cause for halitosis. In addition to helping you get more saliva in your mouth, this substance is also helpful in improving the clearance of waste from the system thus reducing intestinal gases that may cause bad breath.

Cayenne, though a hot pepper, is a helpful ingredient in reducing gastrointestinal problems and is frequently used by many people suffering such problems and associated problems such as bad breath.

How To Use Cayenne To Cure Bad Breath by Richard Wilkins

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