Home remedy for toothache, bad breath and white teeth

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When it comes to tooth pain, bad breath and not so white teeth, people are really sensitive about it. Probably because most of use really do care about our teeth and I am one of them. I gotta tell you, paying the bills just to visit the dentist was a lot for me and my kids and that is why I created this video to show you that there is another way then just visiting the dentist when you have tooth pain, bad breath or you just want to have white teeth. I will be talking about some home remedy for tooth pain, bad breath and white teeth and ways to get those naturally without visiting the dentists. I bet everything you need is already in your house and the best part about this is that it’s effective, easy to use and it’s dirt cheap. There is a lot home remedies recipes and videos about it, but in this video I am completely hones with all of you as I did this myself and I applied this to my two sons who are using this on a daily basis and it’s working great. I am not saying that you should stop visiting your dentist, just showing more ways of curing some bad stuff at home easy and explaining how to do so because you are probably not familiar with these methods. Sharing is caring, right? So, visit my website for more info and if you liked the video, please share it with your friends to learn the truth about dentists!

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Source: Home remedy for toothache, bad breath and white teeth

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