Bad Breath Cures That Work & Why Many Don’t

What are the best bad breath cures and how to avoid the causes of bad breath. Why are some common bad breath remedies useless for curing bad breath. Bad breath can’t be cured by avoiding certain foods and using over the counter mouthwashes.

Central to the cause of bad breath are the anaerobic bacteria naturally living in our mouths.

Bad Breath is Caused by Anaerobic Bacteria

Anaerobic bacteria feed on traces of food left on teeth and tongue after meals. Under certain conditions, as a result of their feasting, these bacteria create volatile sulfur compounds. These volatile sulfur compounds are one of the main causes of bad breath causes.

Oxygen is fatal to these anaerobic bacteria. Therefore, they cannot live on the surface of the tongue. To escape, these bacteria hide in places where oxygen cannot reach – under plaque and food debris, in the spaces between the teeth and gums, and in the deep crevices of the tongue.

That’s why most tongue scrapers are ineffective as bad breath cures. The white coating on the tongue are the sulfides that come to the surface. The bacteria are below the surface and can’t be physically scraped away using bad breath cures like tongue scrapers.

How to Detect Chronic Bad Breath

35% of us have chronic bad breath, but its almost impossible for you to tell if your breath smells. Your body becomes accustomed to its own odors.

Furthermore the majority of chronic causes of bad breath are created at the back of the mouth and are expelled outward only as we are talk. Consequently, cupping your hands to your nose to smell exhaled air or licking and then smelling your wrist do not work.

So how can you tell if you have chronic bad breath and need to consider some cures for bad breath? You will simply have to ask a trusted friend or loved one.

Are Mouthwashes Effective Bad Breath Cures?

People often try popular cures for bad breath causes such as using mouthwash as their weapon of choice. Ironically, commercial mouthwashes are almost useless as bad breath remedies for bad breath.

Recent studies have shown that mouthwashes only temporarily mask chronic bad breath for as little as 10 minutes after brushing. In fact, because they contain alcohol, mouthwashes can actually make the situation worse by drying out the mouth creating a more hospitable environment for bad breath bacteria.

Common Bad Breath Tips

  • Gently brush your tongue after you brush your teeth.
  • Drink more water.
  • Cut down on onions, garlic, dairy/high protein, alcohol, coffee, cabbages & sprouts.
  • Don’t over-exercise.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Avoid sugary breath mints and gum.
  • Don’t use mothwash containing alcohol.
  • Don’t use toothpaste containing Sodium Lauyl Sulfate (soap).
  • Cut down on smoking, or better still stop smoking altogether.

Myths about Bad Breath Cures

  • There are no bad breath cures – wrong!
  • Tongue scraping alone is an effective bad breath remedy – wrong!
  • Anitbiotics are an effective cure for bad breath – wrong!
  • Digestive problems are one of the causes of bad breath – wrong!
  • Oral products need the American Dental Association Seal of Approval – wrong! This is actually bought by drug companies, not awarded.
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