Bad Breath Cure: Eliminate Halitosis and Revive Health Using (mostly) Natural Methods

bad breath cure

“Bad Breath Cure” defines what bad breath is then asks and answers a number of questions about it:

Bad Breath (halitosis) is what you notice occasionally when you are within conversational distance of someone. Or it’s what others notice about you! It can range from being a mild odor coming, usually, from the mouth to the smelly equivalent of a slap in the face.

“Do I have bad breath?” “How bad is it?” Diagnosis is the place to start with any health issue. Why bother with a bad breath diagnosis?

There are many folks, bludgeoned by incessant bad breath television commercials, who blindly treat a presumed chronic bad breath that they don’t really have. Is it OK to do that?

What if the chosen solution to cure bad breath is a constant use of sugary breath mints? The extra sugar will likely result in tooth or gum disease, the stress of dental visits to treat it and the financial stress of paying for it!

Not only that, the extra sugar will encourage bad breath, even if it had not existed previously. The very worry about having halitosis can become a self-fulfilling prophecy!

To make matters worse, the extra sugar and additional oral disease can lead to worse problems. It is a mistake either to cure bad breath or to ignore it without considering possible consequences for the rest of the body. Yet, in mainstream healthcare, that phoney compartmentalization is commonplace.

“What are the reasons for bad breath?” You can’t determine how to cure bad breath effectively unless you know its cause. Most of the time halitosis is the direct result of unwanted activity of microbes in the mouth.

That is not always the case, however. You need to be able to determine what your unique situation is.

Even it you have determined that oral microbes are causing noticeable odor in your mouth, you need to know where they are lurking. Treatment of bad breath is unlikely to succeed if it is directed at the wrong target.

“How can I tell someone s/he has bad breath?” This book will help you solve that tricky problem. (See point four under “Utilizing Your Confidant.”)

“How can I cure bad breath?” Answering that question is what the greater part of this book is about – a variety of ways to cure bad breath.

These methods of how to get rid of bad breath include the familiar mainstream ones but mostly are solutions arising from the alternative or “holistic” communities who seek a natural cure for bad breath.

Are you aware that your bad breath may be an important early warning that your general health is failing?

This book is full of effective ways to cure bad breath, but it also contains the caution that there can be potential downsides to bad breath treatment. Don’t take that to mean you ought to tolerate the halitosis. You need to eliminate the problem in such a way that general health is likely to improve.

Therefore there are two other sub-themes running throughout this book:

1. The relationship between oral and general health.

Oral health problems are linked to other generalized health problems and diseases. So bad breath, and other oral/dental conditions can serve as a red flag of warning about more significant general health problems. Is it wise merely to eliminate that pesky warning flag while allowing generalized degenerative disease to persist?

2. The “battle” between mainstream and alternative health care.

Did you notice that the subtitle of this book favors natural methods over mainstream ones? Both have their place. Sadly, the mainstream often holds that the only ideas that have merit are the ones arising from within its camp.

Such a position is both arrogant and hypocritical. The most unscientific of all possible behaviors is to reach a conclusion without bothering to examine the evidence.

If you can appreciate that a scientific approach demands an open mind as opposed to a worship of authority, then it is hoped that you will find some merit here.

The author of “Bad Breath Cure” has been practising dentistry for over forty years.

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Source: Bad Breath Cure: Eliminate Halitosis and Revive Health Using (mostly) Natural Methods

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