Understanding the Antioxidant Network

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In this video, Dr. Berg explains the antioxidant network. Free radical is an atom with an unpaired electron and could create a lot of damage in inside the body. While an antioxidant is an atom that has a paired electron, its stable and balanced and it also donates one of its electrons to make the free radical stable.

Examples of Free Radicals and Oxidants:
• Iron – In some of the enriched food
• Radiation
• Sugar – Large quantities of sugar destroys the body
• Chemicals / Pollution / Smoking
• Vegetable Oils – It can act as an oxidant and create free radicals

• Vitamin E
• Vitamin C
• Zinc – Oysters, Seafood, Lobster
• Selenium – Brazil nuts
• Vitamin B1 – Leafy Greens
• Lipoic acid – it’s a fat soluble and has the ability to penetrate into the cell and protect the cells at different locations
• Uric acid – help clean out damage from various things

So today I want to touch on the antioxidant network. You may have heard of antioxidants and free radicals, I just want to explain simply how it all works in a very simplistic presentation. A free radical is an atom with an unpaired electron, basically if you envision a little spinning disk with two weights on it, if you take one of the weight off you’re going to see this little non-symmetrical spinning disc and it’s going to be lopsided, it’s not going to be very very smooth. It’s going to be erratic. right? So that would be a free radical. An antioxidant is an atom that has a paired electron so it spins nicely and it’s balanced. It’s stable in nature. So this is very unstable and this can create a lot of damage inside your body. You can kind of think of it as rust on your car, the oxidation from the water and the oxygen it goes on there and it’s just rest a hole in your car. I’m from Wisconsin, we have a lot of salt on the road and we have a lot of cars that are rested. But anyway, examples of free radicals or antioxidants would be iron, free iron, like in some of the enriched foods that we consume, radiation, sugar, large quantities of sugar really destroy the body, chemicals, pollution, smoking, vegetable oils can act as an oxidant and create free radicals and so an antioxidant, what it does is it donates, it gives up one of its electrons to make this free radical stable. Now the problem is, when vitamin E for example gives up this electron, it becomes unstable, it becomes a free radical but not a severe as this but it still becomes unstable and that’s why we have a network we have many different antioxidants, so for example vitamins C would then donate one of its electrons to vitamin E so vitamins C really helps vitamin E stay in there and do its work a lot longer. Vitamin E is really important in keeping the inside of the arteries really really healthy. So these two worked together and so then vitamin C will become unstable and it can borrow electrons from one of the other antioxidants, so then you have zinc involved as an antioxidant it actually is really good to lower inflammation.

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