Are You Eating Antioxidants Wrong?

Why you and I need to eat more antioxidants with the right strategy to have the best shot at preventing disease. An in-depth look at the research to get your antioxidant status on lock.
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LDL causes heart disease:

Beta-carotene pro cancer:

Antioxidant status and breast cancer:

3100 Foods and their Antioxidants:

Vegetarians had 15% higher total antioxidants status:

Raw Vegan Levels:

Cooking beta carotene:

21 day vegan diet raised levels, lowered oxidative stress markers:

Study on Antioxidant Needs (Also Blueberry Chart 2):

Blueberry Powder Levels Spike:

Raman Spectroscopy Study on Carotenoids in Skin:

Vitamins C and E reduce oxidative stress in the arteries:

Zeaxanthin and Lutein Eye Sources:

Glaucoma Greens Study:

Carotenoids and ROS:

Carotenoids and Attractiveness Video:

Chlorophyll Study:

Chlorophyll and Heme Unpictured Study Source:

Quercetin St John’s Wort:

Polyphenols Penetrate Tissues:

Main Spices Antioxidants Study:

Beastliness of Amla:

Curcumin and Crohn’s:


Lemon balm tea reduces DNA damage in x-ray technicians.

Lemon balm antioxidants list:

Greger on Hibiscus:

Beta Carotene LIST:

Vitamin C LIST:

Polyphenols top 100 LIST:

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