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It’s time for another big fat acne info video! There are HEAPS of factors that can influence our skin – today, I go over some of my top pimple causing picks! What are some of yours? Tell me below!

Hey guys!

Most of the time when I do videos, I aim to give you as much information as possible relating to skincare and acne care. You’re free to pick and choose which tips you use. Lately, I’ve been making a really conscious, deliberate effort to try things to help my skin. I’ve had to think about what I have been doing that may be causing acne, and how I can fix it! It isn’t easy, I’m still learning, but I’m feeling a lot better about the direction I’m heading in.

This video encompasses part of what I’m doing – assessing my life, and looking at my own personal acne triggers. I really hope that the acne triggers I mention in this video flip a few switches for you, so you can start to assess your own lives and figure out what might be setting off your skin too!

I’ve broken this all down into 4 main categories: food, lifestyle, emotional health and skincare/makeup. I suggest you look at what you’re doing in your life according to each of these categories, which will make it easier to understand what could be causing your pimples.

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★ A bit about me! ★

I’m an Australian currently living in Japan, and loving it! My channel has loads of DIY videos relating to acne and acne scarring, because that is something I have suffered with for many years (and continue to suffer with). I decided to turn my negatives into positives, and share what I’d learned about this skin condition with all of you. So if you’re new to my channel and wondering why there’s so many videos about skin care, that’s why!

These days however, my focus has changed. I was accepted to the JET Programme in 2014, and my new life chapter began! I’m currently living in a semi-rural prefecture, as an ALT at 3 senior high schools. I drive a lot, go out a lot, and enjoy living my life in gorgeous Japan. I’m now kind of a J-Vlogger, showing you my everyday life in my weekly vlogs. But I also want to keep the essence of my original channel purpose, too, so that’s why there are additional weekly videos about skin care, beauty and life in Japan. Hope this clears some things up, and gives all you cutie newbies some info about me too! Thanks for tuning in, and please feel free to message me any time on my various social links. Cheers!

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As always, I welcome discussion, questions and comments! Especially if you have your own pimple-fighting tips and strategies to share. I love hearing what you have done to help your skin, and quite often take it on board. I’ve changed a lot of my diet and skincare based on your suggestions, so thank you!

Xx Jess

Disclaimer: I am not a professional. I’m just an average Aussie, trying to give advice to help people suffering from acne. You are, as always, free to pick and choose what tips you use.

Source: WHAT CAUSES ACNE & PIMPLES? Acne Triggers And YOU!

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