Review of Dr Goh Seng Heng and DR's Secret Skincare

Most of those who experience acne pimple problem would have consulted one of the renowned skin doctor Dr Goh Seng Heng who is a dermatologist for treating skin problems. I will share with you my experience and comparing with DR's Secret products that I am currently using.

My experience with Dr Goh Seng Heng was quite sometime back when I started working for a few years. My skin was quite oily and I constantly faced with acne breakouts that always troubled me. I remembered during my first consultation, my bills came to almost a $ 1000 dollars and I really felt so depressed. I was given a month course of Vitamin A capsule that costs $ 6 per capsule. So a month supply costs me $ 180. The cleanser, a gel like cleanser also costs $ 180.00. I had a facial treatment done on my face to clean the impurities in my skin that costs $ 200.00 over.

The thing that troubled me is that I have to constantly take Vitamin A to see the results. Taking Vitamin A capsule, you will experience drying and cracking at the side of your lips, and over time your skin is improved and clear. However, you must continue taking Vitamin A long term as soon as you stop, your acne problem starts to creep back again. The other thing is that you must not be pregnant while on oral consumption of the Vitamin A capsule. Hence you will need to stop the capsule few weeks before hand if you plan to be pregnant.

Certainly the high costs of medication and skin care products is not something that I can sustained and I eventually move on to try other products.

Right now, I am using DR's Secret skincare products which I am quite happy with. DRs Secret is made of natural ingredients and contains no preservatives. Using the products, your skin will go through a process of re-construction and re-conditioning. The products contains mainly of vitamins and minerals that makes your skin look fairer with a radiant glow. Your skin will feel more renewed and clear and you will feel more confident.

Review of Dr Goh Seng Heng and DR's Secret Skincare by Laura Lin

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