Lemon & Yeast Anti-Acne Remedy. No Dryness or Irritation.

Do you want a clear complexion? Try this mask!!
There are so many anti-acne remedies and every one has tried a lot.
Yeast and Lemon is another remedy that I believe works perfect for this purpose.
It is a home-make anti-acne “facial” and you can use it daily.

Here are two: Combine some dry yeast with enough lemon juice to produce a paste with cold cream-like consistency.

Apply to a problematic areas for:
-as long as you have time to reduce the size and inflammation;
-the whole night

Remove with warm water & be persistent.
You can also try it for acne scars as well.

It does not dry your skin out and did wonders to my skin!!!

P.S. As with any great acne remedy, never forget about a proper diet and skin care good for YOUR skin.


Thank you so much for your kind attention!

Wishing you to Stay Happy and Healthy!!!


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Source: Lemon & Yeast Anti-Acne Remedy. No Dryness or Irritation.

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